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Cruises to Beirut (Lebanon) from Cyprus


Beirut - Byblos (excursion)

The excursion of Beirut starts with a visit to the city centre, where centuries old tradition combines with modern architecture in an almost incredible rebuilding project. The tour proceeds to the Jeita Grotto, a most unique experience, to admire the caverns sculpted by water and time, which created awe-inspiring stalactites and stalagmites. And then on to Byblos, the oldest settlement in the world, where there is a fascinating combination of ancient ruins and a colourful bazaar. The excursion continues with a panoramic tour of Jounieh, a city of high-rise buildings on a mountainside and a visit to the church of the lady of Harissa, a rise of 620 meters.



From Beirut we drive eastward towards the fertile Bekaa Valley until we reach the city of Baalbeck 85 km from Beirut. In the magnificent archaeological site we visit the Roman Temples, which make up the largest and best-preserved corpus of Roman Architecture. Its temples, dedicated to Jupiter, Bacchus and Venus, were constructed between the first and third centuries AD. The temple has an impressive podium and a vast rectangular courtyard where sacrifices were carried out. The sanctuary is reached through a propylaea (monumental entrance and hexagonal forecourt). After Baalbeck we drive to Chtaura for lunch followed by a visit to the famous Ksara winery. It is then on to Beirut for a sightseeing tour of the capital of Lebanon including the area around Place Etoile with a pedestrian zone full of shops, cafes and restaurants.

Coach transfer, pick up from the hotel on air-conditioned coaches to the Limassol Port from Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca, Ayia Napa or Protaras, Polis and Latchi.  

Please note Port Taxes are compulsory and must be paid for when booking the cabin.

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