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Sppynx, Pyramids (Please note that this excursion is NOT Running until further notice)
Whilst in Cyprus why not take advantage of our fantastic offers on tours to Cairo and indulge in the ancient wonders of a forgotten land, home to the Pharaohs with amazing feats of engineering such as the majestic Pyramids which stand tall and proud in the desert .
Cairo is truly an intriguing city and one which never sleeps. Enjoy the ambience of the old bazaars with the sweet smelling spice stalls, freshly baked bread and delicately prepared traditional sweeties. Fabrics, silks, gold, silver, antiques, medieval bazaar with rabbit warrens streets transporting you back in time and similar to a scene from Aladdin The hustle and bustle of down town Cairo is entertaining and will keep you amused from you coach window.
Bath in the wonders of the ancient world including the famous giant Pyramid of Giza. For the brave at heart why not enter the ancient tomb and explore the pyramids interior. Plenty of time is given for photo opportunities at the site of the famous Sphinx.
The highlight of this tour has to be the Cairo Museum home to all the treasure of ancient Egypt dating some 6000 years ago. Statues of Ramses the great. The treasure room containing the mask and sarcophagus of the boy king Tutankhamun, treasures from the beautiful collection of Queen Nefertiti and more.
You will also have the opportunity to visit the mummification from which is an extra charge (aprx €17 per person). This donation goes to the preservation of the mummies.
For most of the tours there is a Nile cruise with dinners belly dancing, Egyptian drum music and the whirling Dervish show.

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Below are photos from Cairo Musiem
Cairo Museum  Cairo Museum  Cairo Museum

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Pyramids at Giza  Pyramids at Giza
Above photos from the Pyramids in Giza, Cairo, Egypt.

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