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Descriptions of all Quad Bike and Buggy Safaris:

Seaside & Off-Road Safari Tour
2 hours adventure and drive a Quad or a UTV 4x4 through a combination of off road-coastal tracks. You must attend to one of the offices of the vendor or you can be pick-up 30 minutes prior to departure. Your adventure starts by encountering the first off-road tracks past through Riccos beach in Yeroskipou village. Un-mapped farming tracks and beautiful sea-views are only some of the highlights to be explored up until the reaching destination at the beach of Mandria village. Option to swim in the crystal clear sea and/or to get a refreshing drink from the local bar (not included in price).
Quad Bike Single: €60
Quad Bike Double: €75
UTV 4x4 Double: €80
Approx. times: 14:00 - 16:00 hrs
Excursion Schedule: Flexible

Aphrodite's Rock Sunset Safari Tour
Two and a half hours Quad and UTV safari tour visiting one of the most popular mythological sites of Cyprus, Aphrodite’s birthplace! Rural off-road tracks and amazing sea-views are some of the best characteristics of the tour. The first stop of the journey is at the calming beach of Mandria village and there you have break-time to get a refreshing drink and recharge. The adventures continues until reaching the Aphrodite's Rock, one of the most popular natural sites of Cyprus at which, according to ancient Greeks, Aphrodite goddess emerged from the foaming sea. Plenty of time to enjoy the views, swim and relax at the beach.
Quad Bike Single: €65
UTV 4x4 Double: €90
Morning: 10:00 - 12:30 hrs Afternoon: 14:00 - 16:30 hrs Sunset hours (March - August)
Excursion Schedule: Flexible

Village & Mountain Safari Tour
A unique 3-4 hours Quad/UTV safari tour in Paphos district. The first half of the trip involves driving across the east coast of Paphos and specifically through Riccos Beach and the beautiful coastal site of Mandria village. Along the way, you get to drive through agricultural off-road fields and at moments, right next to the sea. Arriving at Mandria beach you get a 10 minute break to get refreshed either by enjoying a cold drink at the beach bar or by swimming! The second half of the tour a combined contrast from the first as the course heads north to higher grounds. Here you get to drive through twisting mountain tracks and a semi-dry river until reaching a graphical village distinct by a huge rocky cliff at Episkopi village. An authentic place with traditional stoned houses, narrow streets and a peaceful view. At the village you have the chance to walk at the central square, taste a delicious Cyprus coffee, soft drink and optional lunch (not included in price) at the local coffee shop.
Quad Bike Single: €85
Quad Bike Double: €120
UTV 4x4 800cc: €140
Morning: 10:00 hrs Afternoon: 14:00 hrs
Excursion Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Half Day Akamas & Lara Bay Safari Tour
Drive through the Western part of Cyprus and get to visit the islands' most precious natural treasure called Akamas Peninsula. The first half of the excursion includes driving through Paphos hourbour, Tomb of the Kings and also Coral Bay areas. During this half you will also visit the Sea-Caves area which became even more popular after the 2011 ship-crash of Edro III, now a shipwreck visible very close from the shore. At the Sea-Caves you have time to stretch, view the sights and take photos as there is 10 minutes break time. The second part of the tour is the entry to Akamas Paninsula. The semi-dessert peninsula of low-height floras is the more popular natural destination of Cyprus and is a Unesco Heritage offering a 230sq km of off-road land to explore! After an adventurous off road driving you will visit Lara Bay (Turtle Bay) which is a famous birthplace of rare Caretta-Caretta turtle species. At Lara Bay you can learn more about the turtle conversation by reading notes at the small information unit at the beach. If you are traveling during the hatching period which is around August then there are high chances to be at the right time to observe the natural wonder of seeing small turtles making their first steps at the sea! At Lara Bay you also have free time to swim, or relax at the local restaurant (snacks and drinks available for purchase) before the final drive back to the starting point. As to the the driving experience, though demanding (especially in the hot summer), the combination of driving near the sea, natural tracks and breath-taking hills make this trip an unforgettable experience.
Quad Bike Single: €85
Quad Bike Double: €120
UTV 4x4 Double: €150
Morning: 10:00 hrs
Excursion Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Blue Lagoon & Boat Cruise Safari Tour
A full day experience which includes 3-4 hours driving a 4x4 UTV through Akamas Peninsula and 3 hours boat cruise to Blue Lagoon from Latchi area! You can be at the main shop or be ready for the pick up service from your hotel 30 minutes prior to departure. After completing the necessary documents you will be briefed out with everything you need to know including key functional points and tips for driving out with safety. The first section of the trip is a relaxing road drive until the Sea-caves area where you get the chance to view Edro III which shipwrecked there since 2011. Further up the tour continues by entering the Akamas Peninsula, a Unesco heritage and a nature preserved land. After exploring the challenging off-road tracks of Akamas you will be guided to Latchi area and the watersports centre were you will get on-board at one of the cruise lines to Blue Lagoon. This takes about 3 hours in total allowing 1 hour for swimming and relaxing on-board. On board you have the opportunity to get a free refreshing drink, fruits sunbath and swim at the turquoise waters of one of the most rare to find sea spots of Cyprus. At the finale of the boat trip you will get back to your vehicles and have a smooth return through a number of old villages and mountainous roads.
Quad Bike Single: €190
Quad Bike Double: €240
UTV Jeep 4x4 Double: €250
Approx. Running times: 08:00 - 15:00 hrs (March - October)
Excursion Schedule: Flexible

Requirements: Driving License, Agreement to vendor's safety terms, Sign a disclaimer with the vendor, Minimum age of driver must be at least 21 years old.

A truly memorable day and fun for all.

Excursion Schedule: Running days are flexible or on request


Note: excursion might vary depending on the safari company, and might not be exactly as written here or with the same order.