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Local excursion: Kyrenia, Bellapais

Kyrenia, Bellapais Abbey, Saint Hilarion Castle, Kyrenia Castle

You will have the unique opportunity to visit the "Unknown Cyprus".
This is the excursion to Kyrenia from Paphos! One of the most beautiful areas on the island. A historic journey into northern part of Cyprus which has been under Turkish control since the invasion of Turkish troops in the island in 1974. A drive though Nicosia to the Abbey of Bellapais which is built on the edge of a cliff and is protected by a fortification wall and a moat. Then onto the picturesque harbour of Kyrenia, which is situated at the foot of the Pentadaktylos (meaning 5 fingers) mountains.
Enjoy a relaxing lunch at any of the many restaurants in the harbour with plenty of time to look around.

A journey into occupied Northern Cyprus, a different way of life.
Passing through the checkpoint and driving through the Pentadaktylos Mountains into the picturesque town of Kyrenia. Here we will enjoy the legendary Saint Hilarion Castle - the main stronghold of the Templar in Cyprus.
Bordered to the north by the sea and to the south by the greenery of the Five Finger mountain range it offers the most magnificent scenery on the island.
Explore the narrow cobbled alleys behind the harbour and take lunch in one of the local cafes.
Travel south of Kyrenia to Bellapais Abbey, a beautiful example of Gothic art built on a rocky mountain top. The main part of the monastery was built in 1198 and the italian frescoes seen at the entrance were painted in the 15th century.
Our day and excursion ends with the journey back to Paphos.

You will need your passports as we will be visiting the occupied areas of Cyprus.

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Bellapais Kyrenia
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Bellapais Abbey
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Bellapais Cyprus
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Saint Hilarion
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Kyrenia Castle View
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Kyrenia Harbour
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Streets Of Kyrenia
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Kyrenia Castle
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Inside Kyrenia Castle
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Saint Hilarion Castle
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St Hilarion Castle
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Kyrenia Streets


€48.00 (under 11 years)
Free (under 3 years not occupying a seat)

08:00 - 18:00 hrs

Excursion Schedule: Saturday from April - October.