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Akamas Jeep Safari

Join us on a 4X4 wheel drive of road adventure and discover the untouched wilderness of the Akamas Peninsula with its lush foliage, unique fauna and flora and a variety of rare birds.

Places of interest:
Sea Caves: Where you will have the experience of walking into some of the old sea caves located on the west coast of Pafos. Plenty of photos opportunities in this breathtaking location.
Avakas Gorge: Well-known for its 30 meter high limestone walls, a small canyon-off the beautiful rock formations and small river flood inhabited by the birds.
Lara Bay: Widely known as the breeding ground in the Mediterranean of the protected greenback turtle.

Akamas National Park and peninsula: Where you will be overwhelmed by the timeless charm and tranquility of the entire area.
Polis & Latchi for Lunch: We will taste the popular Cypriot meze and local wine (not included in price).
Baths of Aphrodite: Where according to the legend, the goddess Aphrodite used to bathe with her lover Adonis.
Drive Back: Drive back to Paphos town through villages of Akamas.

A truly memorable day and fun for all the family.

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Lara Bay Turtle Nests
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Lara Bay Beach
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Akamas Safari Views
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Amazing Views Of Akamas
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Jeep Safari Akamas
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Views From Akamas
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Akamas Jeep Safari Sea Caves
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Akamas Lara Beach
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Avakas Gorge


€27.00 (under 11 years)
Free (under 3 years not occupying a seat)

08:30 - 17:30 hrs

Excursion Schedule: Monday, Thursday


Note: excursion might vary depending on the safari company, and might not be exactly as written here or with the same order.

What people said about Akamas Safari:

First I'd like to thank you for the wonderful experience we had at the Akamas safari. I will never forget it. The location is simply breathtaking. The trip wouldn't have been as impressive without the diligent efforts of our jeep driver, Chris. He was thoughtful, considerate, caring and an excellent off-road driver. His humor kept the passengers happy and appreciative ! He knew so much about the area, it's history, geography, and mythological connotations.
Overall, it was a magical day, and I will certainly recommend the safari to all of my friends, both local and foreigners.
Please give my thanks to our Chris, with my warmest regards. I would definitely go on this adventure again!
Thanks again for all your help and the opportunity to discover your beautiful country , and God bless you and yours!

Rawan Saab
August 2013

I want to thank you for the safari, we all had great time and we are looking forward to do this again next year with you! Also special thanks for the driver, Mr. Demetris. Great guy with a special personality. We had a lot of fun with him.
Again thanks for the safari.

August 2016

Yesterday I went on a wonderful day excursion with Jeep Safari to see the Akamas region of Cyprus. This is an area you can only see with an off-road vehicle. Our driver, Philippos, handled the challenging terrain with the expertise of one who knew each bend and dip in the road (he is a local from Polis), and literally went the extra mile for our group (one of our number had booked the boat excursion to the blue lagoon from Latchi harbour, but as the winds were too high for the boats to land, this part of the tour was done overland -- a bonus for the rest of us). The Akamas part of the island is breathtakingly beautiful, with clear turquois and azure waters, golden wheat fields studded with carob and almond trees, rugged coastline of white and red limestone, unspoilt beaches, dramatic gorges, mythological associations with Aphrodite and Theseus, abundant flora and fauna (even a turtle hatchery!) and (at least on the day when we travelled) a cloudless sky. The tour with Stevie's company is good value for money and an excellent option for seeing the area if you lack the time or the fitness to hike its trails. Travelling in late April we had a comfortable six passengers in the 11 person jeep, and although there was nothing to see at the Lara Bay turtle beach in terms of the conversation activity (except some placards -- turtles come ashore in the summer), we had the benefit of fewer tourists and a very relaxing feel to the day. We were an English speaking group and English was well-spoken by both Andros (the booking agent) and Philippos (the driver). Philippos' conversation added interest to the day and an inside perspective on life in this region as a returned Cypriot. I finished my day with a swim (great for stretching out the jeep-tensed muscles) and a view of the sunset at the Munipal Bath Beach in Paphos (not part of the tour but pointed out by Philippos).

April 2018